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Squash, triathlon, zorbing: what to choose?

Every year there are more and more new sports, training and sports entertainment. Not every athlete is able to keep track of sports trends, let alone amateurs. We have prepared for you the top 8 most unusual sports that are in fashion.


Squash is a sport game originating in England.

At first glance, squash looks like tennis, but look closely and there are significant differences: a special court with marked walls, rackets weighing no more than 160 grams, and a rubber ball.

Number of players: two or four.


Triathlon is a sport that combines several types at once. Summer: swimming, cycling, running. Winter: running, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Three sports that are overcome consistently and non-stop.

The progenitor of the triathlon – the race “La Course des Debrouillards” – appeared in France in 1920, it consisted of running and cycling distances, crossing the Marne Canal by swimming. The first triathlon competitions were held on September 25, 1974 in the USA (California). And in 1995, by decision of the IOC, triathlon was included in the program of the Olympic Games.


Zorbing is perhaps the most unusual sports entertainment. Its essence lies in the fact that the athlete descends from the mountain or crosses the reservoir in a special transparent ball – a zorb.


Zorbing is a rather young sport, the first ball for descending the mountain was invented by the Frenchman Gilles Ebersolt in 1973, and 20 years later the zorb was improved by New Zealanders Dwayne van der Sluiz and Andrew Eckers.